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Being a manufacturer for 40 years, we combine pleasure and professionalism. Our made-to-measure furniture can be fully adapted to your personal taste and wishes.


In 1971, the one-man business ‘Metaalbedrijf Frans Devos’ (= Metal company Frans Devos) was founded by Frans Devos. His wife, Marianne Delécluse, joined the company in 1974. Twelve years later, the company was renamed ‘Metafox’. ‘Meta’ comes from the word ‘Metal’, the company’s key business. ‘FOX’ found its origin twice. It is either the translation of ‘Devos’ to English. However, it is also the first letter of the names of the 3 sons of Frans and Marianne; Frederique, Olivier and Xavier. In 2006, Frans Devos put Frederique in charge.


Metafox’s mission is to produce and deliver excellent functional furniture for the “Event & Party” industry and every multi-purpose space. Because Metafox wants to be the preferred supplier of its customers, our team of experienced and motivated employees pays special attention to quality, durability and innovation on a daily basis, both at product and at production level. These core values are reflected in all our solutions, with which Metafox wishes to inspire its customers and enable them to focus their energy on further growing their core business.


Alongside durability and innovation, quality at Metafox belongs to one of the three central strategic core values. We resolutely choose to use high quality and durable materials in the fabrication of our products. All raw materials and outsourced services undergo thorough checks when they arrive at Metafox. In order to constantly guarantee quality, as many components as possible are manufactured in-house or by certified partners. Every year, Metafox invests in training its employees and in modernising its machinery so that we can manufacture our products using the most advanced production technologies and quality standards. New products are also extensively tested to safeguard the guaranteed Metafox quality.


Our strategic pillar of sustainability is the common thread in the production and use of our product, in collaboration with our employees, in our ecological footprint and our entrepreneurship. By means of advanced machinery, we strive to carry out production in the most efficient and high quality way. As much as possible, our products are made from recyclable or recycled materials. Scarce natural materials will only be used in Metafox products if these have obtained the required quality and ecology certificates. When using wood in our products, we only accept PEFC-certified timber. In this way, Metafox contributes its bit to sustainable forest management. From this philosophy we offer a standard guarantee of 3, 5 and 10 years, depending on the product.

Innovation and design

In collaboration with our customers and after thorough analysis of their needs and requirements, Metafox develops new products on a systematic basis. Ergonomics, user-friendliness, aesthetics, durability, functionality, quality and design constitute the driving forces for our innovation. Besides innovation at product level, Metafox also pays a great deal of attention to continuously improving and innovating in the area of production technology. Every year we invest in the most advanced machinery to improve the overall product quality and to be able to handle new materials.