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Together with Ascolia, Metafox will be present at the international exhibition Equip Hotel in Paris - 11-15 November 2018

Discover the range of mobile furniture from Ascolia here.

What do we do?

In 1971, the one-man business ‘Metaalbedrijf Frans Devos’ (= Metal company Frans Devos) was founded by Frans and Marianne Devos. Twelve years later, the company was renamed ‘Metafox’. ‘Meta’ comes from the word ‘Metal’, the company’s key business. ‘FOX’ found its origin twice. It is either the translation of ‘Devos’ to English. However, it is also the first letter of the names of the 3 sons of Frans and Marianne; Frederique, Olivier and Xavier. In 2006, Frans Devos put Frederique in charge.

For more than 40 years, Metafox has been manufacturer of excellent functional furniture for several all-round space, conference and banqueting rooms, refectories,… We have a large range of foldable tables and stackable chairs. Colours, finishes and measures can be customized. Metafox Projects can be described in 3 words: durability, innovation and quality.

Recent Projects